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000 - An Eastern Romance <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
000 - An Eastern Romance (Download Version).


Featuring 10 instantly recognisable Bollywood Classics 
Price: 7.50
8.69 EUR 9.38 USD

000a - Instrumental Praise  <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
000a - Instrumental Praise (Download Version).


Featuring the gorgeous trumpet work of John Barker and piano and production from Chris King, this is a beautiful and moving collection of instrumental songs of Christian worship. Inspired by the children of Small Heath Baptist Church in Birmingham, England, this is a unique and powerful work of worship.

Price: 9.99
11.58 EUR 12.49 USD

000b - Music to help you sleep <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
000b - Music to help you sleep (Download Version).


Trouble sleeping?

Relax a drift off with this enchanting and relaxing track. Pete has beautfully crafted this piece of music to help those of us who find it hard to switch off to slip into a deep and comfortable sleep.

List Price: 3.00
Price: 1.50
1.74 EUR 1.88 USD

001 - Enchanted <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
001 - Enchanted (Download Version).


One of Pete's personal favourite albums and a best-seller, this is a gentle collection of easy-listening covers and one original track, featuring Pete's masterful electric violin playing. An essential compilation of the world's greatest classical and smooth popular music.

Price: 7.99
9.26 EUR 9.99 USD

002 - Dreams <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
002 - Dreams (Download Version).


Float away with "Dreams", a relaxing and inspiring instrumental album from virtuoso composer and muti-instrumentalist Pete Hartley. Vast, epic soundscapes recall Far-Eastern, Indian and Middle-Eastern themes as well as Western classical influences, producing a unique and captivating sound. Progressive yet unpretentious, relaxing yet captivating, "Dreams" is the ideal soundtrack to relieve stress and inspire your own creativity.
Price: 6.00
6.95 EUR 7.50 USD

003 - Compilation <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
003 - Compilation (Download Version).


A great collection of Pete Hartley's best covers from his last 20 years as a musician. This compilation features superb instrumental interpretations of the very best of both classical and popular music, demonstrating Pete's subtle and emotive electric violin playing.

Price: 4.00
4.64 EUR 5.00 USD

004 - The Jazz Project <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
004 - The Jazz Project (Download Version).


This eclectic and entertaining album features Pete Hartley's virtuosity and skill on the violin as he covers a wide range of Jazz styles, including swing, bebop and modern jazz. Featuring three original tracks alongside a range of well-known standards, this is a fantastic collction for any serious fan of jazz music throughout the last century.
Price: 4.00
4.64 EUR 5.00 USD

005 - Unfinished Trios <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
005 - Unfinished Trios (Download Version).


Pete Hartley switches to acoustic violin for an experimental collection of originals and standards, alongside double-bass and either piano or classical guitar. This unusual and highly artistic album features a great deal of improvisation and a new-age vibe, for a different and thought-provoking musical experience.
Price: 4.00
4.64 EUR 5.00 USD

006 - The Mandolin Album <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
006 - The Mandolin Album (Download Version).


Multi-instrumentalist Pete Hartley here collects his favourite mandolin tracks, concentrating on slow, romantic songs that are ideal for that special time with that special someone. Evocative of al-fresco dining and balmy mediterranean evenings, this is a gorgeous album that is not to be missed!

Price: 4.00
4.64 EUR 5.00 USD

022 - Pete Hartley Originals EP <font color= #ff0000 ><strong>(Download Version)</strong></font>
022 - Pete Hartley Originals EP (Download Version).


A mixture of virtuoso Pete Hartley's best original compositions and improvisations, demonstrating his superb musicianship and grasp of feeling, melody and dynamics. From traditional Jazz templates to more freeform, let intensely melodic improvisations, this small collection is enjoyable and thought provoking. Pete Hartley has released this collection under a royalty-free licence, so it can be played in public without a costly licence from the Performing Rights Society.
Price: 3.50
4.06 EUR 4.38 USD

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