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> Checkout are proud to be associated with the following professionals and music services. It can be a struggle as a musician to find good quality resources and services, especially in the internet age when anyone can publish any advice or offer a service with little to no vetting or guarantee of quality. We always strive to provide our customers with a quality, professional product at a price that represents real value, and we believe that musicians deserve those things in everything they buy. These sites, and the musicians behind them, have been vetted by the team at, and we are able to vouch for the quality and value of the services they provide.

Pete Hartley Violinist - Professional Violinist & Mandolinist West Midlands UK

The Wedding Violinist - West Midlands, UK Wedding Violinist Pete Hartley, wedding music for wedding, civil wedding and civil partnerships.

Music Tuition Resources

  • Is learning to play your guitar frustrating and do you seem to never get better at it? We are here to help! Get guitar lessons from professional, dedicated, experienced teachers and finally reach the results you could only dream of! Guitar lessons in Edmonton, Canada.

  • At the San Diego School of Guitar, you can learn how to take what's inside your creative mind and show it to the world! If you need help overcoming challenges with song writing, improvising, lead guitar techniques, or creativity, you can push your guitar playing to the next level by taking guitar lessons in San Diego.

  • Does the Alaska winter cause your instrument to sit around and collect dust? Do you feel like your playing is collecting dust? Find out what local Alaskan music students are raving about!

  • Unleash your Blues Muse. Professional, experienced instructor with a proven program that will get the results you seek. Guitar lessons in Greenville, SC.

  • Have you always wanted to play guitar but don't know where to begin? Have you been playing for awhile but are frustrated with your lack of progress? Guitar Lessons In Scranton, PA offers high quality guitar instruction in a fun learning environment. Be the Guitar Player You Want To Be!

  • Want to be the best guitar player you can be? Stop wasting your time trying to make progress and actually do it! Lessons with Alex Boccia will rapidly improve your playing, and enable you to reach rock god status! Algonquin Guitar Lessons

  • Ready to get out of the crowd and onto the stage? Get effective guitar instruction from a professional teacher who likes to have fun and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Guitar lessons in Mesa, AZ

  • Ready to start rocking with your guitar? Come learn the skills it takes to play guitar, and play it well. Taking  Guitar Lessons in Anderson with Nathan will help push your guitar playing to the next level.

  • Want to learn to be a shred monster? Undying love for heavy metal? Guitar lessons with Ryan Tunis is your answer. Heavy metal techniques, improvising, songwriting and more! FREE introductory lesson available! Transform your guitar playing from zero to hero now! Guitar lessons in Hamilton

General Music Resources

  • Need to gig but don't have a band? No problem. This resource of professional backing tracks provides everything you need to play, impress and make money without the hassle and expense of a backing band. Nearly 200 tracks in genres including classical, jazz, folk and pop, incorporating all the standards, available for purchase online and immediate download, suitable for all lead instruments.

  • Check out a variety of free online guitar video lessons, guitar playing resources, online guitar playing assessments, guitar eBooks, mini courses and more at this guitar playing resources page.

  • If you aspire to become a professional musician and earn a living with your passion, you will need to know what it really takes to break into the music industry. Contrary to popular belief, your potential for success in music is not determined by "who you know" or by "getting lucky". And although you might be very talented musically, this alone won't get you where you want to be in the music business. Check out these free music career resources.

  • In addition to learning from your local teacher you should also be sure that you have a customized guitar practice routine. Check out this website to get your customized guitar practice schedule.


  • James Scott is a metal producer, composer and session musician based in London, UK, who has helped musicians across the world take their music to the next level. James provides a range of services to help make your music the best it can be.

  • Tommaso Zillio is a progressive rock guitarist, session musician, composer, and music educator based in Edmonton, AB. From guitar solos to full-blown orchestral arrangements, Tommaso can help you add that so needed shine and sparkle to your music.

  • Want to hear what it's like to be inside a musical hurricane? Get a feel for this Metal-Jazz-Punk Fusion music that crosses the extreme boundaries to musical madness.

  • Always wanted to learn to play in the style of Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery George Benson? Look no further than Dario Napoli, a professional gypsy jazz and jazz guitarist professional gypsy jazz and jazz guitarist who possesses the experience and knowledge to supply you the information and more importantly, the support, to achieve your goals. Beyond touring and performing regularly, Dario teaches in two schools, as well as home and on skype.

  • Whether itís writing/producing the perfect song for your recording artist(s) or finding the right music for TV/Film, music producer and songwriter Rovan Deon of The Duke Music Factory makes it easy for you in the most seamless manner. We create good songs so you donít have to


  • The mesh band are a 4-piece function and wedding band available to hire in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and throughout the UK. The band perform a variety of covers from the 50's to modern including the Killers, The Jam, Kings of Leon, Jerry Lee Lewis, Amy Winehouse and more.

  • Bespoke lesson packages, community music events and masterclasses with music industry professionals. Have it all. Guitar Lessons in Leeds and Bradford in the heart of West Yorkshire, UK.

  • Kwote is a Turntablist, Composer and Scratch DJ Instructor. Kwote currently releases free instructional articles for Turntablists of all skill levels, as well as offers direct instruction for scratch djís online via Skype. Break free of your frustration and get the inspiration and advice needed to become an outstanding scratch dj.

  • Tired of taking endless hours of boring theory lessons from Berklee gradutes? Lauren Bateman is an amazing guitar teacher from the Boston area that makes learning the guitar fun. She wants to help you learn how to play the songs you love while also giving you a well rounded guitar education. If you have always wanted to learn the guitar and have fun while in the process, check out Boston Voice and Guitar Lessons today.

  • Do you think there has been no good music in the last 2 decades? The classic riff-driven 80's metal is back, with a vengeance and a twist! To satiate your thirst of heavy, melodic, no-holds barred music, check out heavy metal guitarist Dan Smith. (We disclaim any damage to your eardrums and furniture. Caution: may cause addiction).

  • Have you always wanted to play blues guitar? Maybe you always dreamt of playing in a band? Or maybe you would love to start writing your own songs but not sure where to start? Joe Bailey from GuitarStudio1 in Longfield, Kent offers tuition in all these areas, and has helped many musicians more foreword in their playing. Why not come and try a free introductory lesson and lets get started on your musical goals now!

  • Are you a frustrated guitarist itching to start making real progress with your playing? Our guitar lessons in Croydon area, UK, will help you take that next step on the road to success!

  • Does your guitar playing take you places? Have you stopped going to those places because you donít know where to go from where youíre at? At Westchester guitar, I make it a priority to help you reach your music potential! Little by little you will see yourself improving on your guitar skills and soon you will be able to play some of your favourite songs.

  • Music mastery is not something that comes overnight in the land of the midnight sun musician. Do not be fooled into thinking that you must have a 'gift' or 'natural ability' when learning to be excellent. Being good at anything takes work and a knowledgeable music guide to help you!

  • is THE website to visit if you're looking for a serious and efficient guitar coaching in the city of Dublin, Ireland, you will also find free interesting videos and articles!

  • L.R. Axe Academy interested in playing guitar, Making music come alive! Learn to burn the fret-board, teaching lessons in beginner to advance lead shred and rhythm Guitar, in the Neo Classical and Progressive styles. If you are in Michigan near Detroit, Grosse Pointe, and St. Clair Shores, contact for more information.

  • Are you tired or frustrated with teaching yourself guitar? Have you hit a dead end with your playing skills? Do you want to find the best guitar lessons in South Boston,VA? I can help you overcome your fears, frustration and finally reach your playing goals.

  • Bored of hearing yourself sing and play the same songs over and over again? Looking for a way to make your acoustic covers capture an audience? Find out how to rock out on acoustic with Guitar Lessons in Galway, Ireland.

  • Are you looking for a guitar teacher in St. Ives and Huntingdon, UK, for yourself or your child? Whether you are an experienced guitar player or a complete beginner, I can show you how to become the guitar player you want to be. Contact me now for a FREE first lesson.

  • Troubadour North, an alaskan band centered around strong male vocals thats a sure draw to venues from miles around. Taken from the country genre are Montgomery Gentry style duo vocal harmonies mixed with Jeff Moore infused guitar virtuosity. The musical result is Journey-esque power ballads and Brad Paisley styled story telling that fills dance floors.

The resources here are arranged into groups - of music tutors, more general resources for musicians and selected artists and professionals. This list will be regularly updated to provide our customers with the range of resources they deserve.


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